Climate Action Plan

Warren City Council needs to create a Climate Action Plan, stating what the city of Warren can do to slow climate change that causes more frequent and severe storms, arctic blasts and flooding. Did your basement flood in the last few years? Let me know by clicking on the "Ask Me A Question" link.
For more information on how climate change effects Michigan see: https://www.miclimateaction.org/


Seven generations

I’d like to see a Warren that is greener and cleaner than I see today; a city where everyone feels safe and welcome and optimistic about their future prosperity. In order to get there, we need greater transparency in city government and leadership that makes decisions while always taking into account the long-term effects of those decisions on the environment and on the quality of life of residents and their descendants.



Warren has a blight problem - allowing properties to deteriorate - that some council members have associated with rental properties and absentee landlords. Their solution was to stop new rentals, instead of stepping up enforcement. We need to hire more blight inspectors and also create a position called Renters Advocate to help people where landlords are collecting rent but not doing needed repairs or not paying water bills or taxes. Most renters can't afford time or money to take landlords to court.



We need to invest regularly and properly in quality infrastructure, including roads, parks and water distribution and sewer infrastructure instead of looking always for the low bid. If you use quality materials and methods it costs more but lasts longer. Lets use the right tool for the job instead of what's on sale.
Citizens can pitch in to install rain barrels or rain gardens to reduce the burden on the drain system and reduce risk of flooding. The city could educate, assist, or otherwise incentivize people to achieve this.



City Council should embrace transparency and televise all meetings and publish minutes. The process used to award contracts should be easy to understand and accessible to all. The public should also know how many police are currently employed by the city and how many live in Warren. If new rules are announced for city council meetings they should be based on a majority vote of the city council, not the whim of the city attorney or mayor.


Tax policy and jobs

Right now Warren's tax policy favors large corporations. You can get 12 years of tax breaks for a new building, but you can only get 4 years of tax breaks for creating more jobs. Are buildings really 3X more important than jobs in Warren? You're probably not used to a Democrat talking about tax breaks, but my main concern is that tax breaks benefit the people that need it most and improve quality of life in Warren.



Warren is beautiful in Spring when the trees start to blossom. Through zoning or other ordinances we can make Warren an even more attractive place to live. I think we can start by putting a hold on new franchises that make Warren look just like a thousand other cities in America, or at least be more encouraging to unique business ideas. One thing you'll notice about so-called trendy cities, where young people are interested in living, is there are very few franchises. People are creating unique businesses.


Michigan-made/ Un...

Whenever possible, the city should source supplies from Michigan-based companies and companies with a unionized workforce. We should ONLY buy from non-Michigan sources when no other alternative is available and buy from non-unionized suppliers only when there is no unionized workforce in that particular industry.


People Power

We need to embrace and utilize the diversity of culture that is Warren today. We should see a diversity in our police and fire departments reflective of the citizenry of Warren. One way to do that is have a residency requirement and make sure pay for these positions is competitive.
We could also encourage formation of multiple chambers of commerce reflecting Warrens diversity as well as regions of the city. Why not have a Ukrainian chamber, a Southwest Warren chamber, an Italian or Vietnamese, or Bengali, or Hmong, or Art & Culinary chamber?


Green Revolution

The Detroit area has been a driver of the fossil fuel based industry that was essential to the growth of this nation and the middle class in this country. Now as the risks to health and climate from fossil fuels are becoming increasingly clear, it is time to look forward and innovate like never before! There is no reason Warren can't be the driver of a new Green Revolution in technology. City ordinances should be welcoming to solar panels and other innovations for energy production, water conservation, zero-waste manufacturing, and retrofitting of buildings to reduce energy consumption. More often than not, regulations create jobs and removing regulations eliminates jobs.



Our leadership should make decisions while always considering the long-term effects of those decisions on the environment and on the quality of life of the people of Warren and their descendants.